"VELVET" - Am Can CH Wyntercreek Royal Velvet Am Can CDX JH CGC Delta Pet Therapy.

October 28, 1985 - May 3, 1999


OFA Good, eyes CERF'ed until she was 9 years. In the picture on the left Velvet was 9 1/2 years old and finished her JH. She was capable earlier, but her owners weren't trained.the picture on the right she was 2 1/2 years. The week prior to this BOS win at RCLRC specialty she finished her AM CH and her AM CDX on the same day. Always in the ribbons she earned her CDX with three straight qualifying scores.

She is the foundation of ShaRay Labradors, purchased as a family pet, for conformation and as a hunting dog. Velvet was so wonderful, she hooked us into a whole new venue. She won Specialties, Specialty BOS, many JAM's, LRC National Specialty Brood bitch twice & many Specialty Brood bitch wins. Many of her get are multiple champions with titles at both ends, and many generations descend from Velvet.

We are saddened to say that we lost Velvet on May 3, 1999. She was our beginning, our mentor, our best friend. Velvet gave us all that we have in the Lab world and she is sorely missed. We will not forget her, and enjoy seeing her traits come through the generations.

"Gabe" - Am Can Ch ShaRays Golden Gabriel Am Can CD WC

Gabe was our first born literally. Velvet's first litter and Gabe was the first dog born in that litter. He was the epitome of a Labrador with a perfect personality. He started our specialty winning fun with Winners Dog at the first PSLRA specialty in 1991. We lost him too early at the young age of 6 years. Gabe had 3 wings on his JH when we died of Gastric volvulus (torsion).

"Billy" - Am Can CH ShaRays Emmanuel CD JH CGC Delta Society Pet Partner. Byc

Am Can CH Jolly Captain Gibson Am Can CD, JH X Am Can CH Wyntercreek Royal Velvet Am Can CDX, JH DeltaPP

9/7/89 - April 2003- Billy was from Velvets second litter, and is the sire to Luke. Billy won the LRC Natl Specialty Best in Sweepstakes from the 12-15 month class in 1990. He donated his stud services to C.C.I. and has working service dog get. This picture was taken in our Middle School Library where Billy was a friend to all the students and staff. His picture can be found in many yearbooks. His specialty was walking with students who needed a boost in social confidence. With a faithful dog at their side, they had the courage to walk anywhere.

We have frozen semen available for very special breeding.

 "Minx" - CH Somersett ShaRay Magic Minx

June 20,1989 - August 22, 1996

She was a good girl and we were fortunate to have had her in our breeding program, she made a wonderful contribution to ShaRay. Her first litter gave us Luke, Christi, & Chelsea CDX WC CGC Delta Therapy, and her last litter gave us Reba. All still in our dogs pedigrees.

She was the instigator, the energy, an interesting part of our family. If you have a live wire in a ShaRay pup, look in the pedigree. I would bet you have little Minx in it!

Monster Minxs, Minx Stinks, Silly Twit, the spice in our life. We miss you, and will always remember you with a smile.

ShaRays Christian Joy CD WC
There is so much to say and credit our Christi with, she has her own webpage.


"Blaze", Can CH Cynosure's Firebird WC

February 11, 1991 - November 8, 2002

Blaze was given to us as a two year old in February of '93. Thank you Tim & Leslie! She was totally unrelated to the rest of our dogs, but was an excellent addition. She was a wonderful producer and a fantastic babysitter. Blaze was one of those girls that would take care of any baby, no matter whose or what it was. She nursed more than one orphan litter, and let many little single puppies sleep in her crate with her.

In 1999 we gave Blaze to a family in need of warm fuzzy therapy. The oldest daughter was going to get a puppy, when her younger sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Blaze worked her magic and was a blessing to the whole family. She slept with her new young owner, and consequently the mother told me they experienced the first year where Santa ate ALL of his cookies and the reindeer ate ALL of the carrots that were left out downstairs!

Some of Blaze's get & grandget include many successful dogs in their own right.

Am Intl Champion ShaRays Abraham of Greenbank NA NAJ TD WC, "Abe" = AKC VCD1

Musga's Ayla Sue of ShaRay SH CDX NA Delta Pet Therapy Partner, "Ayla"

ShaRays Alexander of Whidbey CD SH WC Delta Pet Partner, "Alex"

ShaRays Wildfire "Katy", dam to Am Can CH ShaRays Ashley ,WC "Ashes"

BIS Am Can CH ShaRays Nikolas of Whidbey JH RN WC


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