White Mountains

... a white carpet of fluffy snow awaiting a cross country skier ... ... frosty blue sky mornings and snow that squeaks when you walk on it ... ... a blank snow covered field written over with the tracks of browsing deer and curious foxes ... ... fresh powder and a ski pass ... ... a gentle hill, a warm snowsuit and boots, a sled and a hot chocolate chaser ... ... Winter is the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

new hampshire

The White Mountains along the Arizona - New Mexico border are the second highest range in the state. The range is dotted with mountain lakes and streams. Camping and fishing is plentiful in this high mountain area with several stocked lakes, and most years there is sufficient snow for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing at Sunrise Ski Area.


Located in east central California just north of Death Valley, and on the western edge of the Great Basin, the White Mountains rise to a respectable altitude of 14,246 feet (4342m). Yet they remain in a rain shadow map of the Sierra Nevada located a few miles west across the deep Owens Valley. As Pacific storms move eastward, the Sierra simply takes the majority of moisture, leaving the White Mountains with strong dry winds.