Black President

Barack Hussein Obama, made history at exactly 1707 hours on Tuesday when he was sworn in as the first Black President of the United States. President Obama moves into the oval office as the nation's fourth youngest president at age 47 with the racial barrier-breaking record believed to have been impossible by generations of the minority.


Ever since the nation first met Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in 2004, his race has been called into question more times than Michael Jackson's. Obama is clearly a black man, but is this really a breakthrough? Some blacks say Obama isn't "black enough," which seems ironic because for many blacks, former President Bill Clinton was "black enough." In 2001, Clinton was honored as the nation's "first black president"...


The prospect of an African American president is bringing the nation's white supremacists out of the shadows - and, along with them, some subtler versions of racialist populism. Both hearken back to another economically and socially turbulent time in the United States, in the early 1980s.