Newton's third law is put to the test in Black, a first-person shooter from the development team behind the acclaimed Burnout franchise. Players are cast in the role of Jack Kelar, member of an elite tactical squad, whose team is assigned to Eastern Europe on a hunt for an American traitor. Rather than slinking through environments making quick, covert strikes, players in Black perform a full-on assault through nine levels of explosive action. A total of 13 cutting-edge weapons are available to eliminate the enemy threat, but the most distinguishing aspect of Black is its physics engine: fully destructible environments allow players the freedom to shoot inanimate targets as well as live ones. Instead of firing at a patrol of soldiers, for example, players can instead target nearby vehicles or barrels to trigger explosions, shoot out windows and balconies, and more. As Kelar blasts through the besieged cities, snow-covered wilderness, and other levels, shell casings, glass, dust, and debris will fly across the screen as plumes of smoke and raging fires dot the war-torn landscapes. -Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide