Overview of property and fields

This aerial photo of the Farm shows the location and relative size of the two play areas, the North Field and the South Field, with an area in front of the barn for you to park

The North Field is about .7 acres, measuring 375' x 80'. Although somewhat smaller in area than the South field, it is much longer, allowing long ball throws and retrieves. There are several trees around the perimeter that provide shade in hot weather. Water is available from a faucet located at the entrance gate to the field.

The South Field is about 1 acre, measuring 250' x 160'. Visitors park in the circular driveway and walk their leashed dog to the South Field along the tree line at the west edge of the property. The South Field is lined with trees on three sides that provide shade, and water is available from a faucet located close to the north fence of the field

Both fields, and in fact the entire property, are completely fenced with 4 foot high, 2" x 2" mesh, knotted (not welded) wire fence fabric, providing a safe and secure enclosure for your furry friend.

To see larger photos of the fields, click here

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